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Great Taste Gold Again!

Gooseberry Jam

For the fifth consecutive year Miranda's Preserves have been awarded Great Taste Awards, illustrating the consistent high quality that pervades the range.

In 2017 our Cranberry & Claret Jelly won Two Star Gold accreditation:

"A superb colour, shining like rubies.  A well-set jelly with a clear zing of cranberry and fruit/wine clarity".

We make this jelly exclusively for Black Mountains Smokery but will have it available at our stall at the Abergavenny Christmas Food & Drink Fair on December 10th.  Try also our traditional Crab Apple Jelly or Apple & Mint Jelly and rediscover that truly home-made, additive free taste!

Our ever-popular Orange & Grapefruit Marmalade also won in 2017, awarded One Star Gold:

"Well judged bitterness, good colour, texture and bite.  


Great Taste discovered under a gooseberry bush!

In awarding One Star Gold to Miranda's Gooseberry Jam Great Taste Award 2016 Judges said:

"We found great delight in this well made jam.  Plenty of fruit and a great colour from the sweet gooseberries.  A very soft and gentle set, not too sweet and very well balanced."

We were delighted that the judges enjoyed this traditional jam so much.  When sometimes it seems that only elaborate blends of flavours achieve acolades, recognition for a taste that is as old as the hills is great to see!

The jam works really well as an accompaniment to a scone or Welsh cake and is delicious with yoghurt or porridge

If you enjoy our Gooseberry, why not try some of our other old-fashioned jams just coming into season such as Blackberry and Damson.  Or return to some old favourites such as Raspberry, Rhubarb & Ginger or Strawberry.

In awarding Miranda's Chilli Lime Chutney an amazing Two Star Gold the judges of the Great Taste Awards commented:

"Very tasty! Terrific balance of fresh flavours."

 Miranda's Raspberry Jam won One Star Gold:

"Absolutely loads of fruit and a lovely deep colour."

 Finally, Miranda's Sweet Beetroot Chutney also won One Star Gold:

"Beautiful colour with a nicely shredded texture and the beetroot retaining good bite.  Fresh, clean flavour, with the earthiness of the beetroot coming through - not too sweet."

In 2013 we were delighted to win awards for three of the four preserves we entered and to receive very favourable comment on the fourth!  To win a Two Star Gold in only our second year of trading was particularly rewarding - under 5% of entries achieve this accolade.

In 2015 the judges awarded Miranda's Blackcurrant Jam One Star Gold:

"There's a brilliant blackcurrant aroma to this jam and an honest, clean and distinct flavour - a really well produced jam."

Miranda's Whisky Orange Marmalade made with Penderyn whisky (a festivals special) also won One Star Gold:

"A pretty colour and glossy aspect; the aroma has a touch of bright zestiness and the texture is lovely."